Bunnahabhain 25 year old

Note de dégustation
Note de dégustation


Open the covers of this tale and you’ll find this 25 year old has an amber gold colouring with quite a sherried nose initially, that goes on to introduce a stunning sweet caramel dessert aroma, beautifully entwined with subtle suggestions of oak and polished leather. The indulgence of sweet berries and cream ensures a wonderful mélange of tastes that progress into a roasted nut and malt feast. The finish is soft and dry with a delicate dispersal of sugar and spiced oak flavours lingering on the tongue.


As if it wasn’t spectacular enough, our 25 year old has also been re-introduced as an unchill-filtered spirit, with natural colour and a higher strength of 46.3%.

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Bunnahabhain 25 year old Single Malt

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